Darin Southam


"Red Carpet Realtor" http://myredcarpetrealtor.com

Darin has been d as "On-the-ball", "Very responsive", and "Very knowledgeable on market conditions". He was nominated for Rookie of the Year in 2007. His focus on client, accessibility, and "attention to every last detail (are) absolutely unparalleled".

SELLING your home:
Darin has a B.A. in Speech Communication, with emphasis in Marketing and Negotiation from the University of Utah and has been selling real estate since 2006. In addition, Darin is a real estate photographer and a film and commercial director, having written/directed over 28 commercials for notable companies such as Harley Davidson, Adobe, etc. As such, Darin offers a combination of knowledge, talent, experience, and skill no other agent can offer, with uncanny ability to list and present your home like a Rock Star! One of Darin's most valuable services is a FREE 20-page Home Value Assessment that includes an in-person 20-30 minute pre-market walkthrough, jam-packed with marketability improvement and staging tips.

Darin's skill set and competition-eliminating sales strategies translate into above-average sales prices that close in half the time. Also, among Darin's notable statistics is his 90% contract close rate. You can rest easy, once an offer is accepted, it will close escrow and hit your bank account-- the first time! This is invaluable, especially when you have already started moving!

BUYING your home:
Darin's negotiation skills typically save his clients 5-15% on their purchase (consistently). Ask him how! Darin also gets his Buyers' home inspections paid for as well (9 times out of 10). All of this at no cost to the Buyer!

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